101 Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: Part-3

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This is Part-3 in a series on Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas. In this post, we look at some fun and creative ways to provide a gift basket for the not so obvious.

General Gift Basket Ideas for Almost Anyone

  • Sports Fan Basket: Does the person or family you’re giving to love your local sports teams? Fill the basket with all sorts of things with their favorite sports logos on it, such as a blanket, t-shirts, coffee mugs, a sports ball, a car or window decal, a stuffed doll of the team’s mascot, a bobble head or figurine of their favorite players, and anything else you may think of!
  • Golf Gift Basket: For the avid golfer, fill a basket with golf gloves, tees, balls, a guide to golf swings, and golf related accessories.
  • Games & Puzzles Basket: Include some board or card games you think the recipient would enjoy, as well as dice, a crossword or Sudoku or other brainteaser puzzle books, and of course a puzzle with a picture that reminds you of them!
  • Kitchen Utensils Basket: This is an great gift for anyone who loves to cook or is in need of some new kitchen utensils! You might include wooden or plastic mixing spoons, mixing bowls, a whisk, a handheld blender, a garlic press, a can opener, a spatula, a potholder, and a cooking book or magazine.
  • Thrift Store Gift Basket: Believe it or not, you can get a lot great gift basket items from the thrift store. Go through the junk aisles and pick out coffee mugs or tea cups, books from the book shelf, movies from the movie shelf. jewelery, hats, and scarves. Your thrifty-etiquette friends will surely appreciate this one!
  • Laundry Basket: Buy an inexpensive laundry basket and fill with things such as laundry detergent (there are also many homemade laundry detergent recipes you can make), fabric softener, laundry balls, lint rollers, stain removers, etc. If the person is Eco-conscious, make sure to choose environmentally friendly items. This is a great gift for newly-weds, new homeowners, people with children, and college students!
  • Family Photo Gift Basket: Make a family photo gift basket with photo frames, photo cubes, photo magnets, and perhaps even a photo book or blanket with a favorite family photo. 
  • Candle Gift Basket:
    Have a candle lover on your list? Create a basket filled with sweet scented candles, tealights, floating candles, and anything else candle related you might think of!
  • Sock Basket: Okay, before you roll your eyes at this one, some people love socks for Christmas! Buy an assortment of socks in styles and colors the person might enjoy.
  • Spa/Bath Basket: Include items such as bath balls, a loofah, bath salts, specialty soaps, and lotions.
  • Movie Night Gift Basket: Include a few DVDs of movies you know the person will enjoy, as well as microwavable popcorn and theater sized candies.
  • Nature Lover’s Gift Basket: This is a great gift basket for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors. You could include a guide to bird watching, a map of nature trails in the area, a CD of nature sounds/music, passes to a local nature conservatory or museum, a field journal and nice pen set, and anything else related to being outside and enjoying nature. 
  • Camping Gift Basket: For those who love camping/hiking, you could include items like a first aid kit, a pocket knife, a guide to campgrounds or hiking trails, sunscreen, bug spray, compass, ingredients to make s’mores, and other camping related items.
  • I Love the 80’s Gift Basket (or other favorite decade): This is a fun gift for anyone who loves the styles and memories associated with a certain gift basket. For the 80’s gift basket, think of popular foods, movies and television shows, music, toys, and clothing items of the decades that match the style of the person you’re giving it to. You could do the 1920s, 60’s, 70’s, 90’s, 2000s and more!
  • Picnic Gift Basket: Find a picnic basket and fill with picnic tablecloth or blanket, plastic wine glasses, plastic bowls and plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery.
  • Journal Basket: For a writer, this gift is priceless. Choose 3-4 beautiful journals, a set of really nice pens, and perhaps even print out a set of journal prompts from your computer.
  • At the Office: Does your gift recipient spend most of their life in a cubicle? This is also a great gift for co-workers. Fill up with a desk calendar, stress balls, office supplies such as notepads, pens, paper clips, post-it notes, and snacks.
  • Car Safety Kit: Include things like jumper cables, flares, gloves, first aid kit, poncho, a blanket, flashlight, and perhaps a snow scraper.
  • Car Wash Kit: If you know someone who enjoys washing and waxing their car, get them car wipes, car wash, sponge, car wax, and an air freshener for the car.
  • Pet Basket: For those with a pet, a pet basket can be a nice gift. You can fill it with cute assorted toys and treats for their pet.
  • Fireside Gift Basket: For someone with a log burning fireplace or outdoor fireplace, consider making a fireside gift basket complete with fire starters, kindling bundles, and a warm cozy blanket to snuggle under.
  • Have a Hoot Gift Basket: Owls are always popular, and make for a great theme for a holiday gift basket idea that’s homemade. Choose any item with owls on them – hand soap dispensers, towels, notebooks, ornaments, pens, etc. etc.
  • Travel Gift Basket: Include travel sized toiletries, maps, guidebooks, travel pillow, and anything else that is travel related you may think of.
  • For the Birds Gift Basket: Include a small bird feeder, bird seed, suet containers, a guide to bird watching. You could also make homemade bird feeder ornaments to include in the basket.
  • Cleaning Bucket: To give someone something practical you know they’ll use, give them a bucket filled with things like cleaning supplies, disinfectant wipes, scrub brushes and other things that might be useful. You can choose eco-friendly items for the environmentally conscious or even try making your own homemade all natural cleaning products as well.
  • Homemade Gift Basket Idea: How about filling up a basket with items you make yourself? See our list of Homemade Gift Ideas for a ton of ideas and inspiration!
  • Book Lovers Basket: Do you have a friend or relative who loves reading? Then a book lovers basket would be a great choice! You can choose things such as NY Times Bestsellers or nice editions of the classics, hard to find books, or just browse a bookstore for some good books your friend or relative might enjoy. You could also add a bookmark, or an Amazon gift card.
  • Poetry Lovers Basket: If your recipient has a way with words, you might make a poetry inspired basket filled with magnetic poetry magnets, a journal for writing poems in with a nice pen, a book of poetry and a book with tips on writing poetry.
  • Cookbook Gift Basket: For someone who loves to cook or bake, a basket full of cookbooks, an album of family recipes, recipe box organizer with cards, and a few cooking magazines.
  • Jewelry Gift Basket: Jewelry need not be expensive to look great. You can purchase earrings, rings, jewelry boxes and organizers, etc. and arrange neatly in a small basket. If you’re crafty, you could even make your own homemade jewelry to include in the basket.
  • Make-up Basket: For the aspiring make-up artist or Beauty expert on your list, make a basket full of their favorite make-up products or items they’ve been wanting to try. Tip: Check their Pinterest Boards to see what type of make up they might like!
  • Soft & Cuddly Basket: Choose a soft fleece blanket throw, some slippers, soft socks, and a cute plush toy.
  • Occupation Gift Basket: Depending on the person’s job, you could make a basket related to their career or occupation. For example, for a fire fighter, you might create a gift basket related to items they would find useful or if they work in a hospital/doctor’s office setting you might get them items that are related to that.
  • Pajama Gift Basket: Who wouldn’t want a basket full of nice pajamas and slippers for the holidays? You could also include a robe or a “storybook” with the basket for them to read before bed.
  • City/State/Country Basket: You could make a basket about the person’s hometown or state or country they live in and include tourism-y items like bumper stickers, coffee mugs, blankets, posters, and other items.
  • Blogger Gift Basket: Do you know someone into blogging? Include a coffee mug and specialty coffee or a coffee shop gift card, a book about WordPress or blog marketing, passes to a local blog conference if there is one in your area, t-shirt or coffee mug about blogging or WordPress, and if in your budget: an HD video recorder, a nice set of earphones, iTunes or Amazon gift card, WIRED magazine issue, laptop backpack…the possibilities on what to put inside are truly endless!
  • Genealogy/Ancestry Basket: For the family history buff, get them a book on ancestry, a family tree necklace, family tree print, census reports, family heirlooms, recipes, or photos, etc.

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