101 Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: Part-4

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This is Part-4 in a series on Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas. In this post, we focus on real DIY (do-it-yourself) craft and hobby ideas.

Gift Baskets: Arts, Crafts & Hobby Ideas

  • Sewing Gift Basket: You might include fabric swatches (look for “Fat Quarters” at the fabrics store), thread, needles, a pin cushion, thimble, scissors, fabric tape measure, seam ripper, a sewing magazine or book and other sewing related items you can find at just about any craft store.
  • Art Basket: High Quality paint, paint brushes, art magazine, watercolor set, watercolor crayons, small canvas (most craft stores sell ones that are less than 12″ long), a book about painting techniques, a wet media journal or paper pad for the artist to doodle or draw in.
  • Drawing Gift Basket: For someone who likes to draw or doodle, you might get them a nice set of pens and pencils, a sketchpad, a wooden figure model, and a book about drawing.
  • Zentangle Gift Basket: Zentangle is fun and addictive! You can either purchase pre-made Zentangle starter kits, or you can create your own basket with a nice small journal with quality blank paper, blank Zentangle tiles, Micron Pens set, a book all about Zentangle with patterns, a kneaded eraser, a pencil and pencil sharpener, and any other Zentangle items you might think of! 
  • Kid’s Craft Basket: For kids or for moms, this is a great Christmas gift basket idea. Fill up with foam sheets and foam stickers, felt sheets, buttons, glue sticks, craft ideas book, lace, beads, Popsicle sticks, washable paint, crayons, watercolor sets, and anything else you might find in the kid’s crafting section of the store. 
  • Photography Lovers Photo Basket:
    For someone who loves taking photographs, this can be an excellent gift basket idea. You could include a camera cleaning kit, a book about photography tips, a printable list of photo challenges, memory cards, and depending on your budget you may even want to splurge on some other items such as a point and shoot camera or lenses for their DSLR or a gift certificate to their favorite photography store or printing shop.
  • Scrapbook Basket: For the scrapbooker, baskets of scrapbooking supplies will be well received. Include items like 6×6 paper pads, stickers, ribbon, embellishments, tags, scissors, stamps, and punches.
  • Knitting/Crochet Basket: Choose high quality and coordinating colors of yarn, knitting or crochet needles, and a book of patterns.
  • Gardening Basket: Include a garden shovel and other small gardening tools, gardening gloves, potting soil, seed packets or bulbs, plant food, and perhaps a gardening magazine or book.
  • Guitar Player Basket: Choose guitar picks, an electric tuner, a book of music for the guitar, a guitar playing guide, a chord chart, and any other nifty gadgets a guitar player might love.
  • Jewelry Making Basket: If you know someone who loves to make their own jewelry, a jewelry making basket can be quite the treat! You might include things like pliers, pretty assorted beads, wire, a magazine or book, and other jewelry making supplies.

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