101 Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas: Part-5

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This is Part-5 in a series on Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas. In this post, we look at Gift Basket Ideas for Kids. 🙂

Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

 Kids can enjoy gift baskets too! Here are some ideas for the little ones on your Christmas list.

  • Candy Basket: Check with Mom or Dad first to make sure it’s okay, and then get them their favorite candies. 
  • Doll Basket: Choose a cute doll, and then fill the basket with clothes or accessories for the doll. This also works well for Barbies too!
  • Cars Basket: For kids who love cars and trucks, fill a gift basket with different cars and trucks as well as a coloring book of cars and crayons.
  • Coloring Basket: Choose 2-3 coloring books, and get some crayons, colored pencils, and markers to include inside the basket.
  • Book Basket: For kids who love reading, a basket full of books can be a great gift! Ask the parents for ideas for what types of books to include, or see if there is a recommended reading list for the child’s grade level.
  • Lego Gift Basket: Choose three or four small sets to include in the basket, lego books or movies or coloring books or stickers. 
  • Animal Gift Basket: Choose an animal (most kids have a favorite, like cats or dogs or horses or tigers for example) – then get a stuffed animal, a figurine, a poster of the animal, and a coloring or story book.
  • Doctor’s Check-Up Gift Basket:
    Small children love playing doctor, and this gift basket make it fun! Get a child’s doctor set with play doctor toys, a mini-sized clipboard, and some cute bandages.
  • Dinosaur Basket: Find some dinosaur toys, a dinosaur coloring book and crayons, a dinosaur book, and maybe even passes to the museum to see the dinosaurs!
  • Bath Playtime Gift Basket: Toddlers especially will love a gift basket full of bath toys, towels, bath crayons, and bath books.
  • Favorite Cartoon/Book Character Gift Basket: Find some books of their favorite character, a plush toy, stickers and some little trinkets with the character on it.
  • Toy Basket: Many stores have sections where they sell toys for $1-$3 where you can get all sorts of great toys for kids of any age. Top it off with a cute plush toy.
  • Princess Gift Basket: For little princesses everywhere, find a tiarra, princess dress up clothes, princess figurines, and any trinkets you find with a princess theme.
  • Friendship Bracelet Kit: Purchase an embroidery thread case and fill with different colored laces and a book of friendship bracelets.
  • Sticker Basket: Get a few nice sticker books or make your own, and include tons of different kinds of stickers to put into the sticker books.

There you have it! 101 homemade Christmas gift basket ideas for the holiday season! I hope you enjoyed this series. If you make any of these basket ideas and blog about it, please do comment below or link to this post so we can check out what you made – we’d love to see it and love hearing about how we’ve inspired others!

Have any gift basket ideas you’d like to share? What gift basket would you most love to receive from this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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