3 Boxing Day Food Ideas and Recipes

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During Boxing Day, you can prove that the tasty Christmas feasts do not necessarily end on the 25th. Continue the spirit of Christmas into Boxing Day by preparing some hearty and homemade meals.

After the festive Christmas Day, people are usually already stuffed with lots of food and drink. As such, people tend to only eat pies, soup and other light meals during Boxing Day. Here are a few recipes that can help you decide on what to whip up this coming Boxing Day.

Light Meal: Ham Mash

The Spiced Ham Mash is an easy and practical dish for those who have lots of leftover ham slices from Christmas dinner. Mix 350g cooked and roughly chopped ham, 1 chopped onion, 200g chopped roast potatoes, 2 beaten eggs, 2 tablespoons of chives, 2 tablespoons of parsley and 1 1/2 teaspoon dried chili into a food processor. After pulsing, mold the mixture into eight patties and dip in flour. Then, chill the patties to help them stay together during frying.

After 30 minutes of chilling, cook the patties in a pan with vegetable oil for 5 minutes per side. Chilling period aside, the preparation time and the cooking time can only take around 15 minutes each. The Spiced Ham Mash can be served with toasted soda bread and bunch watercress, and can serve four people.

Soup: Cream of Turkey

For the Cream of Turkey Soup, you can include some leftover turkey carcass and meat from the Christmas dinner. This delicious soup is perfect for a simple Boxing Day brunch or lunch.

In a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil, cook 4 slices of chopped bacon, 2 sliced onions, 2 sliced leeks, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 2 diced potatoes, 2 finely sliced celery stalks, and 900g shredded and cooked turkey meat. After around 8 minutes, pour in 2l chicken stock and 1 bay leaf. Bring the soup to boil, and then let it simmer gently for around 20 minutes. Then, you can add 2 grated carrots, and bring the soup back to boil. Let it simmer again, and add 100ml cream and 1 tablespoon of chopped chives.

This soup is best served with crusty bread. If you have no leftover turkey meat, then you can use leftover chicken or beef instead. This recipe is already enough for six people.

Pie: Beef Pies

Cook 3 slices of chopped bacon and 4 chopped mushrooms over moderate heat for 5 minutes. Afterwards, transfer the bacon and mushrooms into a bowl, but leave the oil in the pan. In that same pan, cook 375g rump steak that has been cut into 3cm bits. Stir the beef for about 5 minutes. Sprinkle it with 1 tablespoon flour and continue cooking for just another minute. Then, add 100ml red wine and put the bacon and mushroom back into the pan. Once the liquid thickens, season with salt and pepper, and set the pan aside to cool.

Cut four squares around 5in in length on ready-rolled puff pastries. If you have some leftover pastries, you can also use those. Spread the beef across the squares but leave a 1/2in border all around. Cut another set of four squares and use them to cover the first set. Brush the border of the squares with beaten egg and press the edges together to seal the pies. Cut a cross on top of the pies and brush them with egg too. Bake for 30 minutes in an oven that has been preheated to 200°C.

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