5 Last Minute Romantic Dinner Ideas that are easy to make at home

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Yes, Valentines day is tomorrow. Even though it’s the last minute, it’s still not too late to treat your sweetheart to a fabulous dinner.

So skip the reservations and long lines on Valentines day by enjoying a dinner for two at home. The best dinner is the one that you cook with love and share with your sweetie – preferably from the same plate!

Check out our picks for romantic dinners that are both delicious and easy to make: 

(1) Steamed Mussels (Moules Marinieres) 

steamed mussels

Bring a little bit of France into your dinner! Steamed Mussels or Moules Marinieres is a fabulous and simple dish to share with your sweetie. As a stand alone meal, pair it with french fries or slices of oven-fresh baguette so you can sop up the heavenly juices from the mussels. This is an unbelievably easy and quick meal  that evokes the romance of a french bistro – especially if you say it in french! Try Tyler Florence’s Steamed Mussels.


(2) Milk Chicken

An unlikely duo.

When we think of chicken, milk is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. But in this scrumptious dish, these two unlikely ingredients pair up to create a succulent combination. The drool-worthy aroma that fills the kitchen from cooking alone will likely cause your sweetie to come running into your arms. Try Jamie Oliver’s Milk Chicken. You will not be disappointed! 


(3) Linguine con le Vongole

Vongole is one of those dishes that is simple but difficult to make well. Why, because it’s easy to end up with bland tasting pasta and that is not what you want for a romantic dinner! Luckily, Tyler Florence’s Linguine con le vongole has restored my faith in making a fabulous vongole that is worthy of a high-end restaurant meal. 


(4) Roast chicken

For this dish, all you need is a fresh whole chicken, some salt and pepper and butter. What could be more simpler than that? Check out Thomas Keller’s recipe for My favorite Roast Chicken. You can pair it a simple green salad, and/or roast potatoes. 


(5) Scallops with Herbed Brown Butter

This simple scallop dish will up the delicious factor for your next romantic dinner. The key to a great tasting scallop is (1) fresh scallop  (2) sear it on a hot pan and (3) be generous with the herbed butter sauce. Add some asparagus as a side for this lovely homemade meal. Try Scallops with Herbed Brown Butter

Do you have a favorite romantic dinner that you like to cook? 

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