Halloween Game Ideas for Adults

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halloween-party-games-for-adultsHalloween party games are not just for kids! Adults also can have a great time playing games at a Halloween party. When planning a Halloween party, having some fun games for entertainment can help guests get to know each other and make it a great time for all!

Here are some of our favorite Halloween Game Ideas for Adults:

Group Spooky Stories: In advance, make up some small cards with Halloween words (ie: witch, ghost, broomstick, moon, snake, spider, run, cackle – etc. ) – and then put each card in a deck in the middle of the table. Dim the lights and give the starting player a flashlight. Players on their turn will draw a card, hold the flashlight up in typical spooky storytelling fashion using the word they drew from the deck, and begin crafting a spooky story – which can sometimes become quite silly and hilarious depending on which card is drawn and the crowd you are with.

Creep Crawly Box: Fill a box with Halloween items – for example: gummy worms, toy snakes or lizards, feathers, etc. etc. (The party favor section of the store may have all kinds of things, such as stressball eyeballs and more. Blindfold your guests and have them reach into the box and determine what they have picked out of the box. This can make for a lot of laughs!

Mummified: All you need is a few rolls of toilet paper or crepe paper for this game! Have your guests divide into teams and have them wrap the tissue paper roll around the mummy. The first team to finish their roll wins!

Hide and Seek: Playing hide and seek with adults can be funny – and all the more interesting if you sneak up on them and scare them when you find them!

Halloween Skits: Take a box and fill it with some random Halloween items (ie: maybe a pumpkin, a witches hat, a stuffed black cat, etc.) and then have teams divide into making their own impromptu skit  usinmg the items in the box.

Pumpkin Racing: For this outdoor party game, give each guest a small pie pumpkin or a plastic pumpkin. Have them decorate it with Sharpie markers so they’ll know it’s theirs. Next, have them roll their pumpkin down a hill or slight graded part of the yard. Whoever’s pumpkin crosses the finish line first or gets the farthest wins!

Halloween A-Z: Give each guest a pen and paper and have them come up with Halloween words from A-Z.

Halloween Truth or Dare Game: Take the classic game of truth or dare and make it into a Halloween theme! For this game you might ask truth questions like “What was your favorite Halloween game?” or “What are you most spooked out by?” or “Have you ever encountered a real life ghost story?” Dares could be simple and silly – such as “I dare you to kiss a pumpkin” or “Do the Monster Mash for us”.

Palm Reading: Before the party, get a book on Palmistry and do a reading for each of your guests – this can be very interesting! There are also many resources online to learn what the different lines in someone’s hands mean.

Your Halloween party can be a great time for all and these party games and activities are sure to keep any crowd entertained!

Do you have a party game you’d like to recommend? Share it with us in the comments section below – we’d love to hear it!

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  1. A great selection of games to spend a spooky Halloween. I created a game to play with a group of friends (teenagers, adults or both) and spend a Halloween party (or sleepover) truly scary. I would like to invite you to read my book: The Shadow Keeper (available at Etsy).

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