Black Friday Fever

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Prepare your credit cards! Black Friday is coming soon, on Friday November 28th.

According to Wikipedia, looking back at 2005, the total amount of money spent on Black Friday was $26.8 billion. Compare that amount to 2013, when the number was almost three times that amount at $61.4 billion.

This makes me realize that we have become a society which spends money recklessly. We will spend hundreds of dollars just because we read the magic word DISCOUNT!

Half of the stuff we buy, we don’t even need, and we end up regretting our decisions and choices. Do it differently this year. Make a plan and think straight!

Make a List

First of all, sit down and make a list of things you and your family REALLY need. Next to each item, write the price you think it is worth and the maximum price you are willing to pay for that item.

Once you’ve done, do the math. Imagine if every of the item on that list cost the maximum amount of money and compare it with the amount of money you have. If it exceeds a lot the amount of money you have, go through the list again and highlight the most important things, putting others aside and do the math again.

If it doesn’t exceed your budget, great! Now make a list of things you would love to buy, if you could get it at a fair price. That way, there is no room for surprises! At least, no room for bad surprises where you end up without money and without the things you planed to buy that day. Items will surely cost a bit less than you assumed and you can surprise yourself with some additional nice things.

Don’t Stress

Shopping should be fun! Don’t stress if you don’t buy everything you want and need immediately. Be smart and patient! Make priorities!

Buy big and pricey things first, because discounts count more on them and those are the first things to run out of stock! That way, even if you don’t buy everything you wanted, you can still be happy because you made a great deal. Keep your head calm so you don’t miss some great stuff while panicking. Shopping is considered to be one of the most effective relaxing and calming therapy. Use it and make the best out of that day. This year, instead of getting stressful, release your stress and put a smile on your face with a brand new scarf, for example.

Be Smart

Everyone is so occupied by grabbing the thing first, that they often don’t check if it works or the sizes. There are stores that don’t allow reclamations on discounted merchandise. Always check if they do and if they don’t, try on the clothes before buying it, so you wouldn’t regret it later. After every new buying, check your credit card status! You don’t want to spend more than you agreed to. Save all the receipts, just in case.

Have Fun!

Buying presents for others, makes us happy. Giving is the nicest form of receiving, so don’t lose a smile from your face, because holidays are just around the corner. Even if you missed to buy some of the items you wanted, check them out online! Shopping sites like and have their own version of Black Friday, so don’t miss on checking them out! Many stores and companies have discounts or coupons on their official websites or Facebook pages. Keep your eyes wide open for them, because you don’t want to miss that. can come in handy when fishing for discounts during these days.Oh, and have fun, because if you’re not happy and smiling at the end of the day, what’s the point of it all really?

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