Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

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This season is a great time to give your front door a makeover. Make your guests and even the carolers feel welcome with a festive entrance door.

Wood Lettering

With a few wood letters, you can spell some inspiring words on your entrance door. For a traditional greeting, you can spell out Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. For a more casual greeting, you can spell out Ho Ho Ho. If you have a limited set of wood letters, you can opt for shorter words such as love, hope and joy.

Paint the wood letters with white, red, green or blue. You can also choose to paint them with patterns such as stripes and polka dots to make the decoration more interesting to look at. In order to hang your decoration, tie a colorful strip of cloth on each letter and hook each of them at the top of the door. You may also use clear fishing line or twine.


If you have no fireplace mantel to hang your stockings from at home, you can use one of your doors at home instead. You can hang up one stocking or sock for each family member or you can use a single but large stocking.

Command hooks can be used to hang the stockings as well as other decorations such as wreaths and garlands without nails. The little hooks come with double sided adhesive tape that will not damage the door. There are also larger hooks for heavier stockings and ornaments.

Candy Cane

The candy cane is perhaps the most popular confectionery during the Christmas season. On a two-inch thick Styrofoam, cut out a candy cane shape with a serrated knife or a cutter. Wrap a piece of white felt around the Styrofoam candy cane and form a loop at the top so that you can hang it.

Afterwards, spray some old candies and broken candy canes that may have been left over after Halloween with polyurethane. Carefully coat each side of the candies and dry. With a glue gun, use these pieces of candy to decorate the Styrofoam. You can also add a few sprigs of pine and a red ribbon at the middle of the cane.

Wreath Made with Recycled Paper

With a holly leaf stencil, you can create your own recycled wreath. Cut out the holly leaves from old magazines, newspapers or old notes. You can even set a color scheme for the recycled paper that you will be using. At the back of each holly leaf, attach a toothpick with a glue gun.

Stick each of these leaves into a Styrofoam wreath until all surfaces are completely covered. A 10-inch Styrofoam wreath will do. This decoration can surprisingly look good, and you can use the opportunity to keep the kids involved in making the holiday decorations.

Wreath Made with Christmas Balls

With a straw wreath and an assortment of Christmas balls, you can decorate your door with some shimmery ornamentation. Pick Christmas balls of different colors and sizes. You can also mix and match plain colors with patterns, and matte finish with shiny finish. This Christmas ball wreath can compliment your decorated Christmas tree in your living room.

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