FAQ for printables

Frequently Asked Questions: 


How do the I download the free files?

Please sign up with your email to download the free files. You must login every time you visit our site to download files. When you are logged in, the locks will disappear and you will see download buttons.

What do you do with our email address when we sign up for a membership?

We will not sell your email address or information. When you sign up for a membership, it will automatically sign you up for our email list. We send out emails around once a week with updates and information about our site.

May I sell the printed product or the file? May I put the designs on products for sale?

No, you may not sell the printed product or put the designs on products. We do not allow our files to be sold or uploaded to any other sites. Our designs are free for your personal enjoyment only. Should we find that our items are being sold or uploaded to any other site, the appropriate action will be taken.

What type of paper do you recommend these be printed on?

Read the descriptions of the files for paper and other recommendations.

I don’t have a really great printer. Can you recommend one?

Absolutely! We love the Canon PIXMA PRO-100. The print quality is great! You can purchase the printer here.

Can I get the files printed somewhere?

Yes you can. We suggest going to FedEx office, Office Max, Staples or another office store that offers printing. You can use the computers there, enter in your own text and have them printed.

Do you offer commercial licenses for your designs?

No, we do not offer commercial licenses for our designs or files.