Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

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This Christmas, you can make the season jollier by creating some gifts for your friends. Here are some useful homemade items that you can keep in mind as an inexpensive option for Christmas gifts.

Heat and Cold Pack

A heat pack can be an especially useful gift during this winter season. Fortunately, you can create a heat pack at home with only two types of cotton fabric, thread, a pair of scissors, pins, uncooked rice and essential oil.

Cut your fabric into two strips of around 20 x 40 cm. Pin and sew the edges, but leave a small gap of around 5 cm for the uncooked rice. Turn it right-side out. Splash the uncooked rice with a bit of essential oil and funnel it into the bag. You can, then, stitch the gap to close the bag.

Multi-Strand Scarf

Another gift appropriate for this winter is a scarf. However, unlike the heat and cold pack, this requires no sewing at all. With an old t-shirt that you would not be wearing anymore, you can easily come up with a multi-strand scarf.

Cut 1- to 2- inch horizontal strips starting at the bottom hem from the shirt. Once you have cut up the shirt, stretch out the strips until their edges roll inwards. Cut one of the strips and use it to knot and secure the remaining strands in place. The resulting multi-strand scarf surprisingly looks very chic and stylish. It looks appropriate for walking around town, and it is lightweight enough for yoga or zumba classes.

Stamped Washer Necklace

For your fashionable friends, a customized necklace can be a good choice for a Christmas gift. Customized, however, does not necessarily mean expensive. You can easily use different sizes of stamped washers to create a couple of necklaces at home. For variety, you can choose one small washer and one larger one as the pendant.

With a 1/8” steel stamp and hammer, you can engrave some letters and symbols on the washer. Just simply hammer the stamps around four times. Then, with a black or colored marker, you can highlight the engravings.

All-Natural Moisturizing Hand Scrub

For friends who are avid cooks or who suffer from dry skin, a moisturizing hand scrub can be a great gift this Christmas. All you need is a jar, a ribbon or lace, and some common ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen.

Simply combine 1 ½ cup of sugar, 1/3 cup of kosher salt, 1 cup of olive oil, zest of a large lemon and ¼ teaspoon of pure lemon extract. Mix these well and transfer into a jar. You can, then, decorate the jar with a ribbon or a lace. The combination of salt and sugar can exfoliate dry skin, the olive oil moisturizes, and the lemon zest removes any strong undesirable odor from onions or garlic. Your friend can display this jar on the kitchen counter and use the moisturizing scrub at the end of the day after cleaning up.

Readers, do you have homemade Christmas gift ideas you like to make?

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