25 Ideas for Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Decorations

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Decorating your Thanksgiving Dinner Table need not be expensive. Here we will share some simple ideas for inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Decorations.

1. Choose a Nice Tablecloth: Surprisingly you can find nice tablecloths rather inexpensively at most retail chains. Or you can ask friends and family if they happen to have any tablecloths they no longer need or are using. Off-white, beige, brown, orange, and yellow are popular colors to look for, or you can choose one with a pattern. But don’t feel like you HAVE to have a table-cloth – you could be creative by using your table in its natural state as well. Table runners are also popular. You could even use painter’s drop cloths or a thin sheet or blanket. Burlap also looks great in many situations. The possibilities are truly endless on what to use as a tablecloth!

2. Flower Centerpieces: Making your own floral arrangement as a flower centerpiece need not be expensive or difficult. Choose a favorite basket, insert floral foam in the bottom, and add real or live flowers such as black-eyed susans, mums, and others with fall colors. You could also use recycled containers wrapped with a pretty paper or empty mason jars.

3. Pumpkin and Gourd Centerpiece: Another popular choice that is inexpensive is to create a centerpiece out of small pie pumpkins and various gourds. You can also place small pumpkins at each person’s table setting with their name on it as a simple yet elegant place setting.

4. Bowl/Basket of Cranberries: Using a bowl or a vase or a basket, fill with dried cranberries.

5. Thankful Trees: Go outside and choose a nice stick from your backyard. Trim as necessary, put it in a tall vase, and then on pretty paper write down things you are thankful for. Cut the paper into circles or leaf shapes and punch a hole and tie twine, ribbon or string around to hang on the tree.

6. Decorative Corn: At most farmers markets or garden supply stores you can find very inexpensive decorative corn that can be just beautiful when tied together with a little raffia.

7. Print Out Place Settings on Your Computer: You can find free thanksgiving clip-art at sites like OpenClipart.org and design your own place cards or table settings for each guest at the table.

8. Paper Feathers: Make paper feathers from old book pages or pretty scrapbook paper or decorate your own paper and then follow this tutorial on Instructables on how to make your very own paper feathers to use for decorating your Thanksgiving table! They can also be pretty as a centerpiece if you place them in a jar or basket. You could also write one thing you are thankful for on each feather!

9. Pillar Candles: Use multi-colored pillar candles in fall colors such as brown, orange, yellow, and white and red. Place on a doily or fancy tray. 

10. Tray of Leaves: Using a long rectangular tray or board, play leaves from your backyard on it, then top with candles, acorns, pine cones, cranberries, etc.

11. Paper Pumpkins: There are many great ways to make paper 3d pumpkins you can use for your Thanksgiving table decorations. I Heart Naptime has one that is especially cute with a great set of directions for assembling it.

12. lessings Garland: Try making your own garland of your blessings and things you are thankful for. It is super easy – either print out or write the things you are grateful for onto strips or circles or leaf-shaped paper, and then punch a hole through the side or top and weave a heavy twine or string or ribbon through it. Then simply place nicely in the center of the table.

13. Pumpkin Votives: Carve out mini pumpkins and place a tea light in each one.

14. Cardboard Paper Roll Turkeys: You can make a turkey out of a cardboard paper tube. Just paint it brown, add some faux feathers to the back, and use construction paper to make a beak and give it some googly eyes and you’ve got a great cute thing to put on your table!

15. Pilgrim Hats: Taking small 1-2 inch sized planters, turn them upside down and paint them to look like pilgrim hats. Then put them in the center of the table.

16. Paper Leaves: Cut out pretty paper leaves from patterned scrapbook paper or from cardstock and place in the center of the table, topped with some pillar candles.

17. Candy Centerpieces & Place Settings: Fill a bowl or little glasses at each place setting with Reese’s Pieces – perfect fall colors!

18. Floating Candles: Floating candles are beautiful any time of the year and make for a great centerpiece idea!

19. Log Candle: If you have a log, drill holes large enough to fit in tealight candles, and you’ll have a great centerpiece! Decorate with some found leaves underneath.

20. Pears and Apples: Purchase a bag of pears and a bag of apples, then place with pine cones on decorative trays or in bowls with a napkin.

21. Make Your Kid’s Table Special: For kids, consider making them their own special place-mats they can color on, as well as giving them a decorative plastic cup of crayons. (Pine cones also work as cute crayon holders!) 

22. Build a Turkey out of Legos: If you have legos, you can have a centerpiece! The options are endless – make a cornucopia, a mayflower ship, a turkey…the only limit is your imagination! See the turkey by Tim Poulsom for some inspiration here.

23. Clementines, Cinnamon Sticks, and Walnuts: This is another excellent idea for a cheap DIY thanksgiving centerpiece you can make inexpensively to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Simply place them on a decorative tray or in a nice bowl/basket/large vase.

24. Twine: Something about the simplicity of twine makes it special for Thanksgiving. Get a nice long strand of it and decoratively arrange it in the center of your table. Add cranberries or pine cones or leaves and gourds.

25. A Hodge Podge of all the ideas above: Take any element from any of our suggestions above to create your own table centerpiece work of art! There are tons of different ways to arrange things, the secret is just to find inexpensive items or use things you already own and give them a new lease on life!

I hope you enjoyed this list of 25 inexpensive table decoration centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving! Be sure to also check out our Thanksgiving Centerpiece Pinterest Board for more ideas – and of course if you have an idea you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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