New Year’s Eve Arts and Crafts Ideas

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Raisin Box Noise Maker

During the New Year’s celebration, it is tradition to cheer and make some noise. As such, some of the most popular crafts for New Year’s Eve are noise makers. One example is the Raisin Box. As its name, suggests, the materials for this noise maker includes a raisin box as well as popsicle sticks, glue, tape, bells, ribbons, and rice. Alternatively, you can also use beans, seeds, pastas and other small but hard bits and pieces that can be found in your kitchen. This noise maker can be a good art project for your kids especially if you have lots of raisin boxes from all the cooking and baking during the Christmas season.

Simply decorate the raisin box with ribbons, laces or even leftover gift wrappers. You can also use sequins, glitters and paint. After drying, attach a Popsicle stick to each box with glue as well as with tape. This double reinforcement can help secure the box while you shake it at New Year’s Eve. With the ribbon, you can also tie a bell around the box for much greater noise potential.

Once the decorations and reinforcements have been completed, you can fill up around half of the box with the rice, beans, seeds or pastas. Close the lid and seal the box with tape.

Fireworks in a Glass

With only a tall glass and another smaller glass, warm water, oil and food coloring, you can already perform this simple science craft with your kid. Fill the tall glass with warm water almost to the brim. In the other smaller glass, pour a few tablespoons of oil and a few drops of food coloring. Mix the oil and the food coloring well, and then pour this mixture into the warm water.

Since oil and water do not mix, the mixture of oil and food coloring sinks to the bottom of the tall glass and leaves trails as it diffuses into the water. This movement resembles fireworks without the loud noise and the smoke. If you cannot have real fireworks in your area, or your kid is easily irritated by the smoke, you can resort to this New Year’s craft.

Memory Jar

A memory jar can be very similar to a time capsule. For the coming year, you can start preparing and decorating a memory jar. It can be a personal one where only you can put in notes, or a jar for the family where everyone can contribute. You can use any type of jar or even a wide-mouth bottle. Decorate it with colorful paper, ribbons or paint. At the side of the jar, be sure to place a stack of memo pads or sticky notes as well as a pen. During the entire year, you can jot down things and experiences that made you laugh, cry or mad. You can write down things that you think are monumental. At the New Year’s celebration next year, you can bring out all the notes and read through them. This activity can be very thought-provoking, and fun for families too!

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