New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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new-years-champagne-glassesRing in the New Year with an exciting party and some good company! Here are some party ideas that can help you make the most out of your New Year’s Eve Party.

Bring crazy noise makers

Since it is customary for people to make noise as the clock nears 12 o’clock, you can ask the guests to bring their craziest noise makers. Make sure to record a video of the guests using their noise makers. At the end of the party, everyone can vote on who wins. Some ideas for the prizes include noise-cancelling headphones and earmuffs.

Hang photos from balloons

Hang photos from balloons, and let them freely float inside the room. The New Year’s Eve can be an especially sentimental moment for many people. You can take this time to look back at all the memorable moments of the previous years by decorating the place with photos and notes. You can hang them from balloons inside a room in order to create a unique ambiance for the party.

If you have enough balloons, you can also create the illusion of having a false ceiling with them.

Make paper fortune cookies

Along with the real desserts and sweets, include several hand-made paper fortune cookies that the guests can open or take home as souvenirs.

Stock up with lots of glow sticks

At certain spots in the venue, you can leave glasses, vases or bowls filled with glow sticks. You can also leave some notes that encourage the guests to take a few. Glow sticks can be appropriate accessories for the neck and the wrist during the party. Also, you can make some really fun pictures by waving your glow sticks around.

Prepare countdown toast glasses

You can decorate the wine glasses themselves or you can attach wine charms to help the guests keep track which among the many glasses is theirs. As you chant the countdown for the new year, each of your guests can raise their glass and drink. With gold or silver tulle fabric, key tags and photo paper, you can create or print your own wine tags.

Set up black lights

You can get black lights from a local party supplies store, and set them up at your venue. You can make lots of ice cubes with tonic water for a glowing display of food and drinks.

Indulge for the night

Find out the resolution of your guests and set up a vice table for each of the most common new year’s goals.

For example, you can fill a buffet table with everyone’s most favorite dishes and desserts for those who are planning to change their diets. You can stock up the bar counter for those who are planning to ease up on the alcohol. Moreover, you can set up a gaming booth or lounge by the television for those who are trying to have less exposure with games and gadgets in the coming year.

Have one last hurrah and indulge in your guilty pleasures together before helping each other out stick to your resolutions.

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