Romantic Things to do this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a day to express our appreciation and gratitude to our loved ones. You can make this day memorable by spending time together and doing something special. Here are a few activities that both of you can enjoy during the holiday.

Cook a dinner for two

Instead of getting a reservation from a busy restaurant, and spending time in a room full of stressed waiters and hungry strangers, cook dinner for each other inside your own home. By staying at home for Valentine’s Day, you can save a bit of money, and have more for special treats for your significant other. Moreover, your home will probably have a more relaxing and intimate ambiance than a bustling restaurant.

Start by planning the menu and shopping for the necessary ingredients. Then, the two of you can prepare the meal together while listening to some romantic songs.

Take a cooking class

If none of you knows how to cook, then you can spend the day in a cooking lesson. There are culinary schools that regularly offer instructional classes for different types of cuisine. Choose something that both of you would love. Learning something new together can be fun. You might even make some new friends during the class.

Give back to the community

Valentine’s Day is truly a celebration of love, not just for your special someone, but also for other people. Why not volunteer together at a children’s center, orphanage, nursing home, animal shelter, soup kitchen or other charity event? There are many places where the two of you can volunteer. Aside from giving back to the community, this can also be a great opportunity for the two of you to see a different side of each other.


This can be particularly special for older couples. If possible, try to recall and visit the place where the two of you first met. You can also visit the first restaurant, cafe or park that you went to together.

While going through your first date, take some time to talk about your favorite memories with each other. Laugh at yourselves for the adorably embarrassing things that you did together years ago. Recreating your first date can be a good motivation for the two of your to show your love and appreciation to each other.

Play your favorite games or sports

Play a game or a sport such as badminton, table tennis and billiards with each other. You can go for a run or hiking trip together. Afterwards, you can relieve your tired muscles by giving each other massages, or treating your partner to a spa treatment.

Go Out of Town

If you have the budget for it, plan for a short vacation for the two of you out of town. Travel to a new place, and explore it together. This year, Valentine’s Day will be falling on the weekend so you can grab the opportunity to relax and to spend the weekend with your loved one.

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