Thanksgiving Games & Activities for Adults

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After everyone is stuffed on Thanksgiving, it can be fun to play some games and spend the holiday together. Here are some of our top picks for games adults can play on Thanksgiving.

Pictionary: Write out Thanksgiving type of prompts and clues, such as Turkey, Cornucopia, Mayflower, Pilgrim, Pumpkin Pie and others and then have one person draw the item while the rest of the group tries to guess what the person is drawing.

Bingo: Create Bingo cards for Thanksgiving on your computer or find free printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards online, and play a great game of Bingo together!

Paper Football: You might remember making paper footballs in school. Once the table is cleared after dinner, consider having a paper football tournament! See: How to Play Paper Football for official rules.

Black Friday Ad Scavenger Hunt: For this, you’ll need the Thanksgiving Day newspaper with all the ads and coupons. Be sure to get one early in the morning, as they’re usually sold out by noon. Give one ad flyer to each guest. (Depending on how large of a crowd you have, you may need more than 1 newspaper!) Make a list of things the party guests should look for in the ad flyer and have them write down the price of the item- such as computer, video games, sweaters, blue jeans, slippers, toaster ovens, etc. etc. After 2 minutes, have everyone pass their ad to the right and continue to do this until everyone has had a turn with each ad flyer. Whoever gets the most items – for the lowest price- wins!

Thanksgiving Gratitude Jar: Have every person write something they are grateful for on a slip of paper, then place into a jar and read out loud to the group.

Decorate a Thanksgiving Pumpkin: Purchase the teeny tiny small pumpkins, then give the guests permanent markers to doodle and decorate their pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz: Check how well your guests know their turkey day facts by creating a Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz! Use our list of Thanksgiving Trivia Facts as inspiration for your questions and decide whether to make it multiple choice or fill – in -blank or true/false. Then see who got the most ones right!

Thanksgiving Charades: Like pictionary this can also be a lot of fun. Make a list of different Thanksgiving words or phrases and have someone act them out while others guess at what the item is.

Thanksgiving Skit: We did this one Thanksgiving and it was so hilarious – my brother actually threw me out of the play! Try having some volunteer party guests put on a play about the First Thanksgiving or another creative idea. has a lot of ideas you could use as story starters for your skit.

20 Questions: Have your guests think of something Thanksgiving related, and then play 20 questions to guess what the item/person/place might be!

Do a Puzzle Together: Get out a 500 piece puzzle that has a fall or winter scene on it and have everyone sit around the table doing it until it’s complete!

Traditional Board Games: Then of course there are your traditional board and card games you can play: Rummy 500, Yahtzee, Taboo, Apples to Apples, Outburst, etc. etc. 

Choose one or do all of these activities – you’re sure to have a lot of fun laughing and enjoying each other’s companies. Do you have an idea for Thanksgiving games and activities for adults? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section below!

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